Legend Series:
These were “top shelf” rifles. They were imported from late 1988 up until the 1989 import ban. They featured milled receivers, and were produced in 3 different varieties:

Standard wood: (P47 serial number) the wood was finished in a red mahogany type finish. The rear sling mount was located on the rear of the receiver, and the bayonet was of the type 1 variety.

Poly Technologies, INC. (POLYTECH) established in July 1984 functions as a procurement arm of the PLA, General Staff Department, Equipment Division of Polytechnologies. This billion-dollar firm brokers Chinese-made weapons worldwide and has been notoriously accused of selling weapons of mass destruction to “rogue” nations, including Iraq, Iran and Burma. In recent years, the firm (also known as China Poly) has diversified. Some analysts believe that 80 percent of its sales are now to non-military markets. In China, it has taken advantage of its real estate holdings and developed Shanghai’s new stock exchange and a $70 million Beijing office complex. The company has offices around the world, and reportedly owns a substantial stake in Best Fulfill, a British Virgin Islands company that contracts with Nike and Adidas. In 1996, after the FBI accused Polytechnologies of smuggling AK-47s into Oakland California, the firm abruptly closed its main Atlanta office and the firm’s top U.S. representatives disappeared.Cosco Shipping Link

It was later reported that officials at PolyTech Group, along with some high ranking generals in the Army and Politburo were arrested, tried, and punished for corruption, embezzlement, and illegal import/export activities. It is here where we believe the export activities were taken over completely by Norinco, who is the state owned industrial group

The PolyTech Underfolder. Note This is an early version, due to the smooth narrow grip








Models Offered:

(Note: Polytech offered basically the same models, but were marked differently. They were produced in either factory 416, or 386. A typical serial number went as follows:

Early Production: (dates of production 85 until mid 87) Mainly factory /416\ The serial number on these went 85-xxxx or 85-W-762-xxxx with the words “P.T.I. and then “name of import company” underneath in front of the magazine well as the example shows below:

Sile NY NY





Later Production: (Keng’s Imports, produced mid 87 until importation ban in 89) 87-PW-762-xxxx The “P” stood for PolyTech, “W” stood for fixed wood stock “85" was the year of production, and “xxxx,” There were however imports by Keng’s from 2 factories. The factory 416 guns used the “P” designation, and the factory 386 guns used the “C” designation. For example: 87-CF-762-xxxxx was a factory 386 gun that had a folding stock (like a type 56-1 Norinco) therefore:

PW........ Factory 416.........Wood Stock
PF......... Factory 416........ Underfolding Stock
PS......... Factory 416........ Side Folding Stock
CW....... .Factory 386..........Wood Stock
CF......... Factory 386......... Underfolding Stock
CS........ .Factory 386..........Sidefolding Stock

****Note: the “C” series Poly’s were the models with the improvements, i.e. spring loaded firing pin, checkered pistol grip, underfolding bayonet etc. The “P” series Polys were identical to the Norinco exports.


Underfolder version: (DF serial number), featured either blonde, or red furniture type 1 bayonet, milled receiver.
Sidefolders (PS serial number) Very simular to the 56-2 Norinco's with the exception of the grip

PolyTech also exported another version of the 56-2 type rifle a longer Galil type skeleton stock.(Model AKS47/2) Imported thru KFS.



National Match: (NM47 serial number) similar to the standard wood version, except with a 20" barrel ,bipod, muzzle device, and stock.(Shown with optional mount and scope)