Ok, we’ve talked about the exportation companies, as well as the production factories. Now let’s move to the actual companies responsible for importing the Chinese Kalashnikovs into the hands of the American Public. This is the name most commonly found on the left side of the receiver, sometimes underneath and forward of the magazine well. These companies included:



Clayco Sports: Clay Center, KS under the trunnion (left side).











AKS Semi Auto
Ling Hua Factory

The Folding stock models were produced in the Min Shan Factory. Min Shan guns had “blued” bolt carriers, while the Ling Hua guns had “bare” bolt carriers. They all came with black fiberglass type stocks, not wood.Front sight was of the "closed" variety. The top cover was stamped with a warning:


Also note the front sight on these are of the open variety, not closed. Serial numbers usually are just a standard six digit type. Although bluing on the new guns is deep and rich, it wears very easily. These guns are rumored to have been manufactured as close to Chinese military guns as possible. These guns were featured in the September1984 (pgs42~45) Edition of Soldier of Fortune Magazine. These were ca. late 83~84 before the deluge of Norincos and Polys. They sported a matching detachable AKM style bayonet. Note: The first two sentences of Page 2 of the Clayco Owners Manual shows the Norinco symbol at the top of the page: "We are proud that you have chosen a CLAYCO SPORTS firearm. This firearm is manufactured by China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO), a comprehensive state enterprise combining manufacturing and trade, and an independent economic corporate body operating under the guidance of the government departments concerned."


Golden State Arms Distribution located in California. They had many locations including Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, Pasadena, and Santa Fe, CA. These guns are the most mysterious as they arrived in America about the same time as the Clayco guns, except they had less manufacturing markings. They simply state 7.62x39mm “Made in China” GSAD, in a usually faint roll stamping, that’s it…no factory codes and no exporter markings. Many argue these got here before the Claycos, thus the reason for the additional markings on the Claycos. The majority of these rifles were bought up by companies in Hollywood to be used in the production of movies and have come to be referred to as “movie guns.” In the late 1980s, production of movies showcasing the Vietnam War had tapered off and the movie guns were sold by the hundreds by the movie houses to distributors nationwide. GSAD however, had been in the firearms importation business for many years prior. Their claim to fame was being an importer of Enfield type rifles. They also imported weapons under the name Globco as early as 1957. GSAD is also to have been rumored as the source of firearms for the Bay of Pigs invasion, as well a clandestine asset of the Central Intelligence Agency. GSAD is known to have imported rifles in the 053xx range, as well as atleast serial #'s 0787x through 09xxx, in both fixed stock and underfolding configurations. "Double-underfold" models with folding spike bayonets and underfolding stocks have also been reported. GSAD imports are usually marked over the trigger guard on the left side of the receiver:

GLNIC: Was a company incorporated in Los Angeles, California in May of 1986. They were reportedly an import company owned exclusively by the PLA. Guangdon Lingnan Ind. Corp GLNIC LA CA is "GLNIC Corporation of America", a company based in California, but owned by the People's Liberation Army of China. GLNIC may stand for "Guangdon Lingnan Ind. Corp." or "Guangdon Lingnan Import Company". The letters "CGA" may be stamped on the trunnion ahead of the serial number on early-import GLNIC AK47S rifles, and it appears that CGA was the exporter for pre-1989 GLNIC-imported AK47S and SKS rifles (later rifles were exported by Norinco).

GLNIC Corporation of America
10501 Valley Blvd Suite 230
El Monte, CA 91731
Registered Agent: Jun Liu
Officers: Jun Liu, CEO/Sec.
Shao Chun LIU, CFO
Directors: Gen Bao Zone, Shao Chun LIU, Jun Liu















D.I.G: Dominion Investment Group in Virginia Beach, Virginia was a group headed by a gentleman who was actually an Attorney-at-Law. A number of years ago he passed away from a heart attack, and people assisted his wife in continuing the business by partnering with Intrac. Together they formed Intrac/Dominion Importing for these rifles.

Territorial Armory: Was a division of:

Territorial Protection Systems, Inc.
4455 S. Park, Suite 106,
Tucson, AZ 85714

C.J.A: China Jing-An, Which was an importer that went out of business when they got busted by Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) for Importing some Full-Auto Korean AKs and trying to sell them to the general public. They were a company owned and controlled by Central Military Commission (People’s Armed Police) in charge of internal security and riot control. CJA was also in charge of Jing-An Equipment Import-Export (CJA EQUIP.) trading in small arms, riot control, and security equipment. Additionally, they were in charge of CHINA ANHUA DEVELOPMENT, which operates about 70 enterprises. "China Jing An" or "Jing An China". Most China Jing An goods are not marked as such, whereas PROCHINE exports are clearly marked "PROCHINE CORP". All Chinese "manufacturers" of semi-auto Kalashnikov type rifles were little more than exportation fronts set up by the Chinese government. As an example, China Jing An is owned by the People's Armed Police, and Polytech is controlled by the People's Liberation Army.



ARMCO: Was located in Boylston, MA

They were located in Boylston, Massachusetts, and was both an importer/exporter and a firearms retail store. ARMCO was owned and operated by Stephen A. Holmquist, who was arrested in October 1991 and convicted on November 5, 1992 on six counts of importing firearms by means of false statements, and three counts of exporting restricted firearms to China. ARMCO is known to have imported atleast serial #'s 04440 through 05000, as well as rifles in the 073xx range. ARMCO imports are marked under the receiver, ahead of the magwell:
































SILE: They were incorporated in addition to distributing a wide variety of firearms and related accessories (including the manufacturing of stocks and grips).

N.Y.N.Y., 10013
Voice: 1-212-925-4111
Fax: 1-212-925-3149

RAI:was/is Royal Arms International. Owner :Randolph J. Brill. They've been importing guns since the 1970s. RAI guns from this manufacturer/exporter does range from 8700001 to 8704400. The 87 stand for the import year 1987. RAI guns came with the red/orange bakelite blades, with serial numbers stamped to match the gun. Also, fome of the early RAI guns were stamped FTC Woodland Hills, CA

RAI Guns were stamped:


Contact Info:

P.O. Box 6083
Woodland hills, CA 91365-6083
Phone: (818) 704-5110 Fax: (818) 887-2059


IA CO: Was located in Sacramento, California and incorporated in May 1986. All examples seen were from factory 66.

Pacific International: Was incorporated in December 1985.

Keng’s Firearms Specialties (KFS)Atlanta Georgia: Was responsible for importing some of the most popular Kalashnikov Rifles. KFS guns had very desirable features that differed from other standard imports. A spring loaded firing pin, larger checkered pistol grip, along with an overall better fit /finish on wood and metal made this one of the most sought after rifles. These upgrades were suggestions by Peter Kokalis, in an article written by him for SOF magazine. These were manufactured in factory /416\ (early), and (386) (late).

B-West: B-West imported weapons as well as manufactured weapons from parts kits. Their imported weapons are perfectly made as they're Norinco or other Chinese arsenal weapons. Their receivers are ones to avoid. They didn't heat treat the guide rails in the receiver, causing much deformation after as little as 2000 rounds. Be sure you're looking at a B-West import and not B-West manufactured guns before you buy.

NASI- Midland Texas