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"I love my work to which I devoted by whole life and, of course, I'm proud of my achievements. However, I would have been happy to live to the days, when people would need any more neither my assault rifles nor any other weapons..."
Mikhail Kalashnikov



Welcome to, my small domain in the Cyber Universe. This site is dedicated to information on Pre 89 ban Type 56 Chinese rifles. My intent is to provide a source of information, picture references, and to dispell some preconceived notions, and myths about these rifles. I am always looking for more pictures and facts, so please feel free to contribute!


I can remember as a boy seeing the above picture in a magazine, and it stuck with me. What is that rifle with that long magazine? Fast forward 12 years, a friend tells me about these new Chinese AK47s that are being brought in from China, and he shows me the one he just bought. I was hooked!

In the 15 years since the importation of Chinese Type 56s were banned, most of the importers, players and information has disappeared. My goal is to provide a place for like minded enthusiasts to share facts.

This site is under constant construction, so please check back often!



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